The best places to go hang gliding all over the world

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA

Kitty Hawk is best known for being the home of the Wright brothers’ first flight because the brothers conducted their famous flight experiments here. Today, there’s just something nostalgic and magical about leaping off of the dunes that these legendary brothers did to help establish the era of flight travel we enjoy today.

Nilgiris, India

Situated 20-kms away from Ooty, Kalahatty in the Nilgiris, has a launch area that is well connected by a jeepable road. This cross country route in the Nilgiris passes over forested areas giving glimpses of wild animals in the sanctuary below.


Experience the adrenaline rush of doing hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro. Take to the sky and get a bird’s eye view over this dazzling, world-famous city. This is a once in a lifetime experience to see Rio and its celebrated attractions from a different perspective.

The most exciting hang gliding destinations in the U.S.

Owens Valley, California

Owens Valley is a 100-mile-long valley that varies in width from six to 20 miles located between two large faults in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern California. Owens boasts some of the best hang gliding and paragliding in the world.

Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Mild weather conditions and the opportunity for both tow-assist take offs (where pilots are pulled into the air) and mountain launches prime this town for the sport. Located between Chattanooga and the Georgia border, the area also boasts a thriving local pilot community and the 44-acre Lookout Mountain Flight Park.


Hang glide with a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. At Colorado Springs Hang Gliding you have several options for a safe flight, including training on the bunny hills, aerotow high-altitude hang glide lesson or powered hang gliders.

The most useful tips for starting hang gliders

One must learn to run down a hill without looking down the hill

It’s kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head. You probably have not spent much time running down steep hills, but if you have, you probably didn’t try to look out , you probably naturally looked down the hill. A smart move if you are concerned with where you are ultimately headed.

If you’re up there for six hours, how do you … you know?

Pilots can eat, drink and take photographs fairly easily in the air. In the old days one or two have even rolled cigarettes. But relieving yourself is tricky. Some pilots use a tube that they tape to their leg and down to their shoe, others unzip in the air and … well, you get the idea.

Be cautious with changes

Be careful with new gear, or making changes. Small changes (wires, tip tuning, sail, mounting a camera, etc) ) can have a big effect on flying characteristics. Adding extra gear, like a drogue chute, can be useful in cases, but it can also cause accidents (such as when a drogue chute is deployed above the basetube). Think through any change to your glider and gear.

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