Kiteloops: How to do it without killing yourself

The Art of the Kiteloop

I think the first thing that is worth mentioning is that there are many different types of kite loops. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean the size of the loop itself can vary greatly. Alter the position of the kite Loop in the air relative to the rider can be very different.

If you loop at kite closer to 12 o’clock then you will have substantially less pool driving you to the water. Over the years I have done many types. These days I really don’t do any. This is because I have just hit the water so hard and I recognize the fact that at my age, I might not be a recover quickly from any type of injury that I sustained from doing them. The risk outweighs a reward in my case. But, if you were young and strong, and you’re probably thinking about adding this to your repertoire.

I won’t judge.

The beauty of a perfect kite Loop is actually twofold. The first part is that it looks amazing from the shore. Seeing the writer in the air while a kite is looping is an impressive sight. But for the rider it’s even more impressive because it is the closest thing to being strapped to a extreme ride like a roller coaster that you can get without the admission to a themepark.

So what are the steps?

Remember if you do it wrong you can hit the water really hard.

Step one: without too much speed start bringing your kite up to 12 o’clock.

Step two: fishing pole one side of the bar. That means that you pool on one side of the bar and you hold it like a baseball bat or a fishing pole. This will cause your kite to loop. The closer your kite is to 12 o’clock the less power it will have to yank you off the water. While you’re learning this is the best way.

Step three: make sure that you commit to the kite Loop and you don’t let go of the fishing pole grip until the kite has looped all the way around.

Step four: land safely and right away.

Remember that the smaller the kite the faster it will turn. You’ll notice that most of the pros when they do the mega loops are on very small kites. I always think of it like you need a mosquito to be able to spin it around the past. What are the things that people don’t know how to do well is if you attempt to do a mega luke, you will need to make sure that you know how to download the kite on the way down to the water. This is similar to a drag racer using a parachute to slow down after acceleration.

One way to practice down loops is to get a very high jump and for this example we are going right foot forward. You would bring the kite to 10 o’clock and your jump and on your way down you would fishing pole your forward hand and the kite would come across the top of the window and lube downwards.  If you time this just right, it will actually snap you back up off the water and break your fall. This is the same motion that pro-kite boarders use when they do mega loops.

Notice if you watch a YouTube video of a mega loop, you’ll notice that there are typically more than one loop. Usually there is a mega loop which catapults the rider forward and as the kite border swings underneath the kite, he has to then loop at the opposite direction to slow himself down.

Take a look at the video below.  You get a really nice view at eight minutes and six seconds.

Just to close out. Make sure when you are out there you are always thinking safety first. Check out this video of a kiteboarder that got struck by lightning.

Kiteboarding: a New Sport?

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.03.55 AM

(photo credit: Real Kiteboarding NC link below)

Hey Guys, Jason here.

I recently interviewed a kiteboarder. I asked him a ton of questions about the sport and fitness related to it.

This is what he told me.

If you wish to get seriously beastly and in shape I highly suggest this sport. The reason? I enjoyed my own transformation and I know it holds true. I always keep in mind that when my brother and I had just began. He was very obese and I believe among the reasons that you lose a lot of weight when you start kite boarding is related to the fact that you need to stroll with constant tension of the kite since you don’t know ways to stay upwind at that point. This is tough at first.

In general the scene in kite boarding is quite chill. We were all novices at one point therefore the majority of people are a bit more than going to assist newbies out.

It’s Generally when you’re beginning you are constantly choosing crappy types of wind so you’re constantly losing ground. The wind is too light. This makes you leave the water and stroll back up to where you began the only issue is is that you have a kite the size of a Recreational Vehicle that’s pulling you while you’re strolling and if you’re bad at guiding it say, hello, it can absolutely put some stress in your lines and make you need to withstand it in order to stroll properly.

Above all else it is truly vital making sure that you’re focusing on security when it concerns the sport. It is a high-energy high-impact sport. It is a severe sport and you should not ignore its peril. I keep in mind the very first time I ignored the sport demand on attention to detail and it actually kicked my ass. I wound up in an ambulance. That’s a story for another day, However my point is that you have to focus on exactly what you were doing a matter how excellent you get.

Then the guy I interviewed told me guys have an option of either riding a surfboard or a wake-board designed board made particularly for kiteboarding. The factor that the rocker has to be the ideal one for kite boarding is due to the fact that the wakeboards for instance or various or a minimum of shaped in a different way then the ones genuine wake boarding. There’s more rocker to it. Well less rocker for kiteboarders.

Some how while he was going over something with the individual sitting in front of them another people order began a discussion behind him with another individual. Either one were actually taking note of the kites and sadly the kites ended up being linked.

Exactly was he indicating when he said rocker? Natural curve of the board. It’s merely flatter for kite boarders due to the fact that there is a a lot more have to be a count on the edge of the board in order to maneuver. This ends up being crucial when you’re aiming to ride up wind. Skilled kite boarders understand that if you have a great deal of rocker to your board it will certainly be more difficult to kite upwind.

He stated he had stationed himself on the land next to the water with his kite (in the air) and was talking with someone. A lot can go wrong especially if kites get tangled. It dangerous for both riders. We typically joke that if we have this kind of circumstance we constantly wish to be the very first individual to eject. The factor for this is as quickly as the very first kite goes and goes out of control. The 2nd kite border remains in for a disrespectful I suggest actually disrespectful awakening.

He got to kite a couple days ago it was definitely remarkable. Regrettably the wind was a little off so he was losing ground and was having a little bit of a time aiming to remain upwind.

The only suggestion that I can make this do not ask her thousand concerns while a kite border has his kite up in the air. Not just is this hazardous however it’s simply not encouraged. I have actually heard a lot of stories of individuals that have actually been speaking with someone with their kite up in the air and all of a sudden blow up of the kite and get dragged down the beach. One story and I enters your mind is one a good friend informed me.

When I chose to take a bit more aggressive action and I left further off sure the wind got a lot much better. I had the ability to kite for an hour with astonishing outcomes. Cannot boarding includes connecting yourself to a steerable kite.

A lot of deaths in the sport belong to individuals ignoring what can go wrong in the sport.